Am I Beating The Market?

You are beating the market if you are making more money investing on your own than if you invested in index funds. If you are looking for help figuring that out then you've come to the right place. Take a look at the FAQ for details.

Step 0:

Enter initial account information (optional)

If you do not have cash transaction records going back to the date you started your investment account then you should enter the date when your transaction records begin and the balance on that date. Also, if your account was started before 1982-10-01 you need to enter an initial date and balance after 1982-10-01. If neither of these situations apply to you then please leave these fields blank.

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)Balance

Step 1:

Manually enter your cash transactions

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)AmountType

Upload a CSV file with your cash transactions

Step 2:

Finish and submit

The value of the index fund based account will be calculated up to the most recent date for which data is available. If you would like to compute the value up to an earlier end date you may enter that below.

To fully determine if you are beating the market you may optionally enter the most recently known value of your investment account.